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KyaAapSunnRaheHo? Prakruti ‘Meri’ Zimedaari

Vritti Foundation is taking up a noble initiative of creating awareness on protecting the environment through a campaign ‘#KyaAapSunnRaheHo? Prakruti ‘Meri’ Zimedaari in the 7 major states of India- Maharashtra, Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Goa and Rajasthan through BTL, Outdoor and Digital mediums.

  • Outdoor :- Audio messages focusing on saving the environment in the native language of the state will be played through Audiowala Bus Stand, India’s largest Digital Audio Network in between arrival and departure announcements for 10 days (June 1 to June 10). Audio will be played at 500+ bus stations in the above mentioned states.
  • We are also playing jingles that indicate the activity done by Vritti iMedia –  Donate a plastic and get a sapling. Also, another jingle from June 7 to June 30 on creating awareness on avoiding the use of plastic at a public place like bus station.

  • BTL :- Installing boards on the location of the activity that creates awareness on avoiding the use of plastic on public places like bus stations and conducting a plant distribution activity, wherein the passengers will be asked to donate a plastic (wrapper, bottle or bag littered around) through the jingle played on Audiowala Bus Stand and a sapling will be given to them as a piece of gratitude.

Vritti representatives to felicitate the guest with shawl and 1 plant. Guest will move around the bus station with the Vritti representative and educate the passengers to keep the environment clean and green by saving water, saving trees and avoid using plastic.

  • Digital :-  Social Media Campaign #AreYouListening? Prakruti ‘Meri’ Zimedaari for creating awareness digitally- unique social media creative and videos to give out the message. Also, have made internal video that summarizes what one step Vrittians will take to protect the environment.

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