Rural Transformation

We conduct campaigns and programs to enable ‘Smart Villages’ in India, which creates opportunities for earning a livelihood.

Skill Development

A pool of less-privileged young people in our country is unemployed just because they lack skills. We try to bridge the gap of developing skills and employment with our campaigns and programs.

Disaster Response

Disaster can jeopardized human lives and livelihoods. But, we at Vritti Foundation strive to bring back life on track. We understand the aftermath of disasters and hence, engage with communities to relieve them from the suffering.


Education remains a dream for thousands of less privileged students. We transform this dream into reality by promoting literacy in the semi-rural and rural areas of India.

Environment Protection

We keep environment at the centre of our approach. From planting trees, cleaning water resources to recycling products, we are working on environmental issues to protect our Mother Earth.

Urban Renewal

We look into improving quality of life and revitalizing the ageing infrastructure in the cities across India with the help of our state-of-the-art technology and impeccable knowledge.


He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. When times are tough and lakhs of lives are at stake, healthcare cannot wait. Together we will fight Covid-19 and surpass this dark phase.

Women Empowerment

It is not just a woman who benefits when she is empowered; but it is the whole society. Women empowerment is synonymous to society upliftment.

Sports Development

Through Sports Development, we inculcate the spirit of learning and leadership in the children of the rural areas. Our aim behind Sports Development is to reinforce the youth of the country.