Corporate Social Service Agencies

Corporate Social Service Agencies

Why Businesses Like Yours Need to Hire Corporate Social Service Agencies?

We bring strategy, technology and creativity to your CSR activities for maximum impact.

With the increasing need of corporate social responsibility services, the need of corporate social service agencies is going up. In-house employees is not a good fit, if you’re seriously looking to transform the society, better the community and change the image of your business.

Vritti Foundation is a Corporate Social Service Agency based out in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. We have dedicated teams of research and development as well as execution.

In-house employees may not have the specialty nor do they have the bandwidth to manage CSR with their own portfolio. They do it out of compulsion or a favor to the company. It is difficult to capture their whole-hearted interest and full-time into CSR activities.

Hence, it is important to hire a Corporate Social Service Agency like us, who has the passion of making world a better place to live in along with achieving your business goals.

We give you timely updates, weekly reports and a dedicated team to take care of your CSR projects. Keeping ethics and laws in mind, from research and development to execution, your CSR activity is in our hands. Our strategies are sustainable and impact is long-lasting.

We help your company determine where and how you can make the most impact and then package that impact in a world driven by mass and social media to make it more newsworthy, shareable and viral.

So, how we work as a Corporate Social Service Agency?

We as a Corporate Social Responsibility Agency work with an intention of aligning your key messaging with your target audience.

What are we trying to communicate? What is your opinion on our concepts? Is your issue regional or global? Are you targeting a particular demographic?

This will help us in understanding who you want to reach.

Corporate Social Service Agencies

Our next step will be to define a series of metrics to better measure our messaging effectiveness. What actions do you want your audience to take?  Is the push for social responsibility meant to spread awareness or make your business more appealing to consumers? Finally, we’ll help you develop a channel strategy.

No matter which choices we make together, we’ll be your trusted partner in every decision and in the whole process.