Corporate Social Responsibility Services

Corporate Social Responsibility Services

Somebody has truly said, goodness is the best investment for a company. It is never forgotten!
According to International studies, Corporate Social Responsibility plays a great role in creating value of the company. All the stakeholders, from potential investors, local communities, customers, media, suppliers, business partners, vendors and employees of the company are equally interested in company’s efforts in this regard.

Vritti Foundation is your one stop destination for the cause of social returns. We offer CSR Services and activities in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Services are based on making these 2 elements strong-
1. Businesses
2. Society

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Services in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore are an amalgamation of technology and innovation that strike a balance between the business goals and societal advantage.
We help, support and facilitate the corporate houses to achieve their social goals and in turn help the society in a sustainable and responsible way through our expert Corporate Social Responsibility Services.
The first step is Research and Development. R&D is the backbone of our CSR services. Every company needs a customized R&D.
Based on the research, a well-thought CSR plan is developed by our experts, where in an inclusive CSR & sustainable strategy is planned, CSR intervention area is advised and policies are framed. Not to forget, even the budget is formed and allocated.

corporate social responsibility services

Then, comes the execution of the project. Vritti Foundation has its set of volunteers, who can execute your noble initiative. Also, we can train your people or students to become volunteers.
For few initiatives that require collaboration or third party support, we happily go ahead and fulfil the need.
Vritti Foundation not only just facilitates the project, but also acts as a face of the project in front of the Government.
We monitor the project from legal, financial and social aspect so that we get an overall result and the impact is calculated as accurately as possible.
You can easily rely on Vritti Foundation for an effective CSR activity because we give you a detailed Impact Assessment Report.